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St Cloud State University Visit Our University


On 3 December solstice 4, the st. cloud state university Confucius institute director Kathy Johnson ms, the dean li-xin zhou in international cooperation and exchanges in jilin province department of education's Hu Renyou and JiLinHan project officer, accompanied by xiao-sheng sun, were invited to visit our school. The principal jing-hai Yang in the eighth floor of the main building of the first met with the visiting guests, meeting room, international cultural exchange school of the affiliated high school of our university, the relevant person in charge of international exchanges and cooperation attended the meeting.

During the talks, Hu Renyou of our school and the university of SAN crow Howard state of cooperation and the future direction of cooperation give full affirmation, the profound influence on the Confucius institute at a local show your appreciation. He hopes that the two schools on the basis of mutual trust and mutually beneficial, around the education in our province opening to the outside world to make greater achievement.

Jing-hai Yang project situation, summarizes the two sides had in 2016 will host the 2017 Chinese bridge summer camp activities, receive the students based education to practice, to hold the principal BBS, send to the short-term culture of primary and middle school students experience, profound Confucius classroom cooperation put forward specific proposals, such as state university and invite the crow Howard's new President to visit our school.

Ms Kathy Johnson introduces the operation situation of the Confucius institute at the local, and send the interns and Chinese teachers of our school volunteer work gave high evaluation, and also to conduct expert tour, student Tours, college students' short-term internship programs such as cooperation intention is put forward.

The university Confucius institute was established in May 2014, cooperating with Minnesota department of education for jilin province department of education. For members of our school, and send the first Chinese President, and won a second term. The principal jing-hai Yang will be invited to attend on December 10, as a representative of the formal at the Confucius institute conference. Since its inception, the Confucius institute Chinese immersion of the local education, special education, and to the spread of Chinese language and Chinese culture has played a huge role, the number of local learning Chinese from less than 200 people had rapid development to the present nearly 5000 people, to promote the cultural exchange of China and the United States.

Attachment: st. cloud state university website: www.stcloudstate.edu